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About us

The Top Travel team is consisted of passionate people with many years of experience in the travel industry, who share our vision for offering unique carefree vacation experiences to every visitor, with professionalism and personal care. From holidays with family or friends, honeymoons, to solo traveling or business trips, at Top Travel you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Simply let us know your needs, budget and personal preferences and together we will create the combination of services and experiences for entertainment, leisure, relaxation or adventure, which will compose your ideal vacation, just as you imagined it. Our goal is for you to enjoy your moments in Crete and the incredible life it has to offer to the maximum. This, for us, is what will guarantee that your stay will be an unforgettable experience, which will remain indelibly engraved in your mind and heart.

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Our Services

Experience Tours

The island of Crete has always been one of the most interesting places to explore! Its long history offers a wealth of attractions and historical monuments that will satisfy lovers of history and evolution. If adventure and adrenaline excites you, you can always enjoy a jeep safari in the most beautiful and picturesque parts of the island. Feel the vibes of the authentic Crete and collect unforgettable experiences: discover the village life, cultivate with your own hands, enjoy the delicious Cretan cuisine and the unique gastronomic experience it has to offer as well as the wines from the Cretan land and the traditional tsikoudia, which will tickle the taste buds of every palate with their flavors.

Indulge in the universal language of music by listening to the sounds of lyra and lute, dance Cretan dances and get to see the traditional costumes. Spend time with the locals to experience the genuine Cretan hospitality first hand and let all your senses be captivated. Everything can be organised either as a group or individually. Let’s discuss what best suits your needs.

Experience <span>Tours</span>

Sea & Sailing Tours

For lovers of the marine world we provide all kinds of organised activities – daily or multi-day tours. Should you wish to be introduced to the magic of the seabed, all sorts of water sports from jet skiing to scuba diving can be organised by experienced and certified instructors. You can enjoy cruises or sailing tours with boats or yachts with captain and staff, at a short distance from the island or to other islands.

Indulge in the magic of the endless blue, dive into the deep blue waters of the ocean and live unforgettable moments gazing at the horizon. The sailing tours service is also provided for organising bachelor parties. Contact Top Travel today to arrange the sea activity of your choice.

Sea & Sailing <span>Tours</span>

Walking & Hiking Tours

The whole island offers walking, hiking and nature activities. Breathtaking gorges and trails are here for you to discover. Connect with the natural landscape of incomparable beauty, admire the wealth of Crete up close and explore every corner of it with the best and most experienced guides. Feel the aromas of local herbs, observe nature, hear the chirping of birds, taste the crystal clear waters and fresh fruits.

Combine the joy of discovery with the excitement of adventure and make memories of a lifetime. It is possible to make an overnight stay in nature in some places, upon request. We are at your disposal to discuss and plan together the activity you desire.

Walking & Hiking <span>Tours</span>

Private Transfers

Taxi, private bus, limousine for solo travelers, couples, families and large groups. The private transfers we can arrange for you are not limited to airport transfers on your arrival and departure days. Cover any private transportation need, from a simple transfer, to private tours where you can discover places of unparalleled beauty and “hidden gem” routes.

The fleet of our carefully selected driver partners consists of quality vehicles of all kinds that will take you to your desired destination. You choose the points and we will ensure that your transportation needs are fulfilled with comfort, safety and professionalism.

Private <span>Transfers</span>

Car Rentals

Safe and comfortable transportation is a prerequisite for a relaxing and carefree vacation. Through our carefully selected network of partners, we find for you the means of transport of your choice with guaranteed quality and high standard service. Choose the car that meets your requirements from a wide variety of vehicles and set out on your exploration adventure feeling at ease.

Discuss your transportation needs with one of our team members and feel free to be in touch at any time throughout the rental period. From small city cars to vans and mini buses for families or large groups, you’ll assist you in finding what you’re looking for.

Car <span>Rentals</span>


Dreaming of waking up in the morning and diving into your private pool or gazing at the sea from the balcony of your hotel room? Or do you wish to be a breath away from the pulse of the city? Do out-of-town living and mountain views offer the tranquility and quiet moments you’re looking for on a vacation? However you envision your dream holiday, the Top Travel team will secure the ideal accommodation, hotel or villa for you, whether it’s a long holiday with family or friends, a honeymoon, a short getaway or a business trip.

The selection of accommodations is done carefully and is always based on what best suits your own needs, personal preferences, taste and budget. Share with us the specifications you’re looking for and we’ll be by your side to make your vision of a comfortable and relaxing stay a reality.